Happy Buyers.......

Thank you for your assistance and care in the purchase of our first home. The entire transaction was smoth, and up front. Personally, I had always heard what a hassle buying a house was, but you helped make it all possible.

So far, [we] could not be happier with our decision to buy from you. The house was in excellent shape and continues to be so. With the lack of major or minor problems, we know we got more than a good investment, we received a great home.

There is no doubt you will be hearing from us in the future as we have several family members and friends in the market currently, and I know you will care for them like you did for us.

J & N. M. Hoschton, GA

Why Work With Kerygma?

Avoid bank hassles

Banks and mortgage lenders can be picky. They prefer to do only the easiest and safest loans. Trying to please them and jumping through all their hoops can drive you crazy. It is especially difficult when your credit is less than perfect, your debts seem too high, you are self-employed, or are new to your area.

Our owner financing programs make buying easier. You enjoy the peace of mind of having a solid move-in date. There are no last-minute lender requirements to stop us from closing or moving you in. Depending on what you want and need, we can even make you a loan to buy or rent the home to you until closing. Start enjoying your new home even if you are still raising more money to put down.

If we decide the best option is to rent to you until we close, you'll have some breathing room and no pressure. We can then work with you to get a favorable bank loan or help you build up a down-payment required to close with easy owner financing.

Work directly with a creative and flexible seller

Start enjoying all the benefits of owning your own home. Have lenders and brokers told you that you can't qualify?

We're a local, privately-owned realty investment company specializing in helping families buy homes without the normal hassles of going through the bank qualifying process. We have nice homes in many sizes, locations and prices. As owners, we can offer several unique programs that can help you buy a home, even if you don't have the proper financial picture or credit history to please a bank.

Our lending criteria are different from a bank’s, as we take into account the circumstances that may have damaged your credit in the past. We'll fairly evaluate your present employment situation and currents debts. In many cases, we can find a method of financing you, getting you into one of our houses.

Build a down-payment

There are many creative things we can do even if your credit is less than perfect... or you lack local employment history...or your income is hard to prove... or you have another house for sale... or you're stuck in a lease... or you've had a bankruptcy or foreclosure... or you have outstanding collections.

Our Rent-to-own or Lease-Option programs can get you into the home of your choice with a small down payment. These programs offer creative ways of helping you build equity and enjoy market appreciation. We'll then work with you to get you closed as quickly as possible with the best mortgage and terms. In the meantime, you can be enjoying your new home, sprucing it up the way you want it.

Then show off your new home and experience a new sense of pride. You'll have the time needed to qualify for traditional financing, establish your income, clean up your credit, build a down payment or pay off debts.

If you do have a significant downpayment, we can consider giving you immediate home ownership and the benefits it entails, while you work towards obtaining traditional financing. We can even connect you with a mortgage broker to accelerate the process.

Buy with no money

And when you don't have enough money down to close with seller financing, we have other programs to give you immediate ownership benefits. If you're in a position to qualify for a new mortgage, we may be able to help finance your down payment and closing costs. You could get in with no money down.

Some of our buyers can qualify for 95% to 97% bank financing. In those cases, we might recommend one of several "home buying grant programs" available with minimal qualifying. These grant programs can "gift" the 3%-5% down payment you need to close.

Own your own home...now!

Are you tired of maintaining and fixing up a house you don't own? Do you want more privacy in a bigger or better house?

Don't be forced to throw your money away on rent just because you need time to get a bank loan. Each month you get nothing but receipts...with no equity build up... no tax benefits... no appreciation... and no pride of home ownership.

Even if you don't have perfect credit... or a large down payment... or if you're self-employed, there are loans available for you. Whatever your current situation, there's probably a home loan that is just right for you. And we can get you in to one of our nice houses, even if it means financing you ourselves.

Is home ownership within your grasp?

The American Dream. Some will never achieve it, but most do not have the opportunity you have right now. Let us help you buy a nice home sooner than you expect. Join our Buyer's List today and let's see if we have an attractive home that fits your budget and lifestyle. A home you can move into quickly and easily, with minimal qualifying, with or without a down payment.

Joining our Buyer's List is free. If one of the homes available now doesn't get you excited, then we'll keep looking, notifying you of our new properties as they become available.

There are several easy ways to find out if we have a home for you:

1) Go to www.KerygmaProperties.com/property.html for Homes Available.

2) Fax us toll free at 877-SafeSale (723-3725).

3) Email your name, contact info, and a brief description of your dream home.

4) Call our office for personal assistance at 877-723-3725 and ask for Tom to tell us about yourself and what you're looking for. Let us show you how to overcome any home buying challenges you're facing. There's no cost or obligation. We don't charge a fee to get you into one of our homes nor to help explore your options.

Contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!